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Love Spell

I am a Spiritual Spell Caster and Spiritual Healer (Spiritualist) from Africa. Interested in knowing all about Psychic Spiritual Reading, Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Counseling or Cleansing email me your details. I will Cast Powerful Spells and Guide you in the best way. I only use WHITE MAGIC SPELLS for my spell casting services and avoid black magic as black magic is evil and only white magic should be used. My Spells will really work. Love spells or Magic spells and or kind of spell will really work wonders and will help you to achieve all your goals.

• Cancer(All Types)• HIV/AID• Arthritis• Diabetes• Leukemia • Osteoporosis •Crohn’s Disease •Insomnia •Migraines •Depression •Asthma •Multiple Sclerosis •Psoriasis •Glaucoma •Burns •Chronic pain •Mutated cells (tumors, polyps, warts) •High blood Pressure(Hypertension) •Penis Enlargement


Once you have entered this temple and make contact with me for help, just calm down, remain patient and stay online till i reply your message. Do not rush away to a different herbal spell caster. because there are plenty of false herbal spell casters here on the internet, pirating we the real herbal spell casters here online. They can't help you, all they do is to extort money from people, and then make them been skeptical about spell casting. So be warned!! do not fall victim. And also i must tell you this that you were so blessed and Lucky to have met and contacted me here. because in this Temple there is every answer to your problem and every solution to your troubled heart. But if i do not respond to you straight away, then know that i am in my temple, carrying out some sacrifices or spell work.  Once again i welcome you to CHIEF DR LUCKY SOLUTION HOME.

Love spells voodoo to get your ex back, stop a cheating lover, save your marriage & make someone fall in love with you

Banish break ups or divorce from your love life using voodoo love spells that can also be used to cause a breakup or divorce

Contact Dr Aluya via email: aluya.48hoursspelltemple@gmail.com for voodoo lost love spells to renew your relationship or marriage

Voodoo love spells to increase the love between two people in a relationship as a means to heal relationship problems

Lost love spells voodoo to help you reclaim ex your ex husband or ex wife. Break up voodoo spells to break up a couple's relationship or marriage


Divorce banishing love spells                                                                                                                                                                Voodoo divorce spells to banish divorce so that you & your partner stay together & make your marriage last. Love spells to help a couple save their marriage & resolve their differences. Prevent a divorce with love spells to make your marriage stronger & banish all negativity from your marriage

Relationship booster love spells                                                                                                                                                            Voodoo relationship spells to boost the love, intimacy & affection between a couple for a stronger relationship. Voodoo love spells to make someone fall in love with you or cause an ex lover to fall back in love with you. Lost love spells to help a couple get closer together & become more intimate & loving with each other

Voodoo spells to breakup a couple                                                                                                                                                        Break up a relationship or marriage using voodoo break up spells by Chief Dr Lucky who will cause a couple in a relationship to fall out of love  & break up in less than 3 days after casting the voodoo break up spell. If your ex lover is in a relationship with someone else use my voodoo spells to break up their relationship & get them back

Voodoo to make someone love you                                                                                                                                                        Make the man or woman you desire to be in a relationship with fall in love with you using voodoo love spells. Psychically connect to to the heart of the person you love & make them have feelings for you using voodoo love spells. You can use voodoo to make someone love you even if its a stranger, an ex lost lover, a friend or your current partner who is falling out of love with you



I am Dr Aluya the mighty herbal cure that can solve your problem and cure your diseases. i have been a herbalist cure for more than 37 years now and my work speak greatly for me. My herbal cure is 100% guarantee, sure and safe. so i will advice you to contact me now so that your problem can be solve urgent,

1) If you want to be cure from your HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS . 

2) if you want to be cure your from HIV disease.

3) if you want to be cure from your Diabetes disease.

4) if you want to be cure from your Cancer or syphilis disease ect.


You are welcome to Chief Dr Aluya Spell Temple where all kinds of problems are solve, with out any delay. You have reached a place where you can have a fast acting Love Spell cast and a Herbal Cure to all kinds of diseases by a real spell caster. As an experienced spell caster I have a wide knowledge of Magic Spells and Herbal Cure and how to cast love spells and prepare herbal medicine for the best results. An experienced spell caster will know which Love Spell and Herbal Cure that will suit your specific situation and be happy and confident to cast for you. Whatever your current situation is I assure I can help.

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